Standard Settings

Before running Pod2Quick, you must enter your basic setup information:

  • Podio Username and Podio Password – used to connect to your Podio account.  Click the Test Connection button to assure it’s correct.
  • Auto Add Missing Customers to QuickBooks – If customers exist in Podio, but not in QuickBooks, Pod2Quick will automatically add these customers to QuickBooks if this box is checked.
  • Excel Save Folder – Browse to choose the location on your local drive where you would like to have the Excel files from the export saved.
  • Email – Enter the email you used for your Pod2Quick/CME Integrations Account
  • License Key: Enter the license key you received in your email.  (The Trial Version has no license key).  Once you click the Validate Key button, you’ll see your version listed in the Box on the right.

Standard Settings



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