Mapping Fields

In order to set up the Import/Export Configuration for each Podio App, you must map the fields from Podio to QuickBooks.

  • The Lite Version allows for just 3 Podio Apps.
  • The Pro and Enterprise Version allow you to configure up to 10 Podio Apps.

There are several important sections in Mapping.

5 Import-export setup

  • Podio App – Choose your Podio App first.  This populates the dropdown fields throughout the form with your Podio data.
  • QuickBooks – QuickBooks’ field names are listed in the first column.
  • Podio Fields – These dropdown boxes allow you to choose the fields from your Podio App that correlate with the matching QuickBooks’ fields.
  • Import Default Value – These options allow you to make different selections.  For example, you can use the QB Item Description or the QB Item Rate rather than Podio Fields.  In the example below, the Use QB Calculation is used rather than pulling an Amount from a Podio field.
  • Quickbooks Invoice Options – Choose Options related to the QuickBooks invoice.  The template, message, class, AR, Terms, Due Date and if you plan to Email or Print Later.
  • Podio Records Selection – Choose the range of invoices you wish to import into QuickBooks.  We find it easier to save a View in Podio and select that view.  You can also choose from a Category or Date field.
  • After QuickBooks Import (Available in Pro and Premier Only) – This allows you to match fields to send back to Podio.  For example, you can send QuickBooks Invoice Numbers back to a corresponding Podio field.
  • Save and Close – This Saves the configuration for this app.


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"QuickBooks" is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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