Pod2Quick is a desktop application that seamlessly imports your Podio invoices directly into QuickBooks™ Desktop.


  • Sync your client invoices from Podio (up to 10 apps) directly into your QuickBooks Company.
  • Easy setup – Quickly map fields from Podio to QuickBooks.
  • Default values for many fields can be set for complete customization of your invoices.
  • Choose which QuickBooks invoice template to use.
  • Multiple validation processes so that only valid invoices are imported.
  • No QuickBooks credentials are shared within the application or online.
  • Secured desktop application – your important financial data stays on your network!
  • Pro versions allow you to synch invoice numbers and billing status back into Podio to completely tie together your accounting processes.

Pod2Quick will be Launching in December of 2015

podio to quickbooks desktop

Full Import Customization


  • Configure and save settings for up to 10 apps.
  • Choose from your Podio fields, or pick QuickBooks defaults.
  • Choose your QuickBooks invoice template, custom message, and terms directly from QuickBooks
  • Import into one QuickBooks Company from up to 10 Podio apps.  (Multiple QuickBooks Companies in Enterprise Version.)
  • Choose to sync QuickBooks invoice numbers and billing status back to Podio (in Pro and Enterprise Versions).


podio to quickbooks desktop


Detect Problems Before You Import


  • Pod2Quick shows you a full list of your Podio invoices to be imported.
  • If a Customer, Item, or Class cannot be found in QuickBooks, the items will be marked for action. So you can go to Podio or QuickBooks and solve the issue.
  • Only valid invoices are ever imported into QuickBooks.  Pod2Quick will never import invoices into QuickBooks that do not match your QuickBooks data.

podio to quickbooks desktop

Preview Your Invoices in Spreadsheet


  • Preview all invoices in Excel or another spreadsheet program before importing into QuickBooks.
  • Pod2Quick will automatically save these files, in the folder of your choice, for later review.
  • Allows you to quickly see everything that will be transferred to QuickBooks before the import.


Successfully Import Your Podio Invoices into QuickBooks


  • Confirm that you’re ready and that you’ve backed up your QuickBooks File
  • Pod2Quick exports a log in file in the folder you chose under Settings.
  • If you set it up, it will automatically syncs the invoice number and billing status back to Podio (Pro and Enterprise Version).

podio to quickbooks desktop




"Podio" is a registered trademark of Citrix Systems Inc.
"QuickBooks" is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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